Protecting sources

There is a “tidal wave” of five journalism-related cases before the Supreme Court right now, each of which will “test the value Canadians place on freedom of the press.”

The top court will decide whether Globe and Mail reporter Daniel LeBlanc can be forced to reveal confidential sources he used in reporting on the federal sponsorship scandal, when it hears the appeal of a Quebec Superior Court decision.

In another case, the country’s highest court judges are hearing an appeal of a ruling that could force former National Post reporter Andrew McIntosh to reveal a key source in his work on the scandal.

Two cases on revamping libel law are also before the court as well as another on banning publication of bail hearings. “I don’t think there has been a period in history where the court has faced such a number of important cases affecting freedom of expression, journalists and the media,” media lawyer Brian Rogers told the Globe.

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