J-Talks 2020

The Podcast Promise

TMX Broadcast Centre, The Exchange Tower, 130 King St. W.

Podcasting has become a rare bright spot for the news industry. According to a recent report from the Reuters Institute at Oxford University, the number of news podcasts globally rose […]

The Time is Now: Amplifying Women’s Voices in Media

TD Bank Tower, Toronto

With women’s perspectives underrepresented in media, how can journalists increase the gender mix and diversity of their news sources and the experts they quote?  This important panel discussion will explore […]

BJ-Talks Live – Recognizing Disinformation Amidst COVID-19

Virtual event

In the first of our new J-Talks Live webcast series hosted by award-winning broadcaster Anna Maria Tremonti, host of the CBC podcast More, Jane Lytvynenko, senior reporter with BuzzFeed News, explores disinformation around the coronavirus […]

Beyond Quarantine: The View from Beijing

Virtual event

- Watch the webcast - Listen to the podcast All eyes still remain on China, where COVID-19 first emerged, strict quarantine measures have been relaxed and attempts at resuming regular activities have […]

Canadian Leadership and the COVID-19 Response

Virtual event

- Watch the webcast - Listen to the podcast - Watch on CPAC In managing the biggest health and economic crisis of our time, Canadian politicians and public officials deploy varying strategies and levels […]

COVID-19 and the New Economic Reality

Virtual event

- Watch the webcast - Listen to the podcast - Watch on CPAC At all levels, the Canadian economy is taking a hit amid this global pandemic. Even with federal and provincial governments providing […]

The View from Washington with Susan B. Glasser

Virtual event

- View the video - Listen to the podcast - Watch on CPAC In a year of a pandemic and protests over race-related police brutality in the U.S., how can Canadians make sense […]

Voices for Change: Media’s Moment to Shine

Virtual event

- WATCH THE SHOW - LISTEN TO THE PODCAST  The death of George Floyd ignited a reckoning across every facet of our society. In media, conversations about anti-Black racism have given weight […]

After the U.S. Election: What’s Next?

Virtual event

- WATCH THE SHOW  - LISTEN TO THE PODCAST   In the aftermath of a heated, divisive and often unpredictable run-up to the U.S. election, and the win for President-elect Joe Biden, this […]

Risk and Injury: Journalists, Mental Health and COVID-19

Virtual event

- Watch the show (start at about 28 minutes) - Listen to the podcast - View the tip sheet Looking after your mental health during COVID-19, courtesy of Dr. Anthony Feinstein -  From the Reuters Institute […]

Ronan Farrow on Lies, Power and Predators

Isabel Bader Theatre, Toronto

- Watch the video - Listen to the podcast - View the photos In his book Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators, Ronan Farrow sheds light on the stranger-than-fiction challenges of […]