CJF Jackman Award for Excellence in Journalism

Finalists announced for CJF Jackman Excellence Award

TORONTO, April 23, 2024 – The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) is proud to announce its shortlists for the CJF Jackman Awards for Excellence in Journalism, honouring news organizations that embody exemplary journalism and have a profound positive impact on the communities they serve. Finalists are recognized in two categories: large and small media.

Through this prestigious award, the CJF has since 1996 recognized news organizations that embrace ideals of journalistic excellence – originality, courage, independence, accuracy, social responsibility, accountability and diversity.

“Last year, Canadian news organizations – large and small, new and old – provided their audiences with stories that helped shape both the country and its communities,” says jury chair Christopher Waddell, professor emeritus at Carleton University’s School of Journalism. “Our finalists have explored a broad range of subjects – climate, healthcare, governance, hate crimes, Indigenous issues, government scandals involving elections tampering, healthcare, COVID-19 spending, and land development.

“At a time when journalism and news organizations are being besieged from all sides about what they cover and how they cover it, it is encouraging to see the quality and depth of reporting all these stories feature — ample evidence that despite the external pressures there remains a sound foundation for Canadian journalism to build on for the future.”

The five finalists in the large media category (more than 50 full-time employees) and the stories and/or series shortlisted for the award are:

The five finalists in the small media category (fewer than 50 full-time employees) and the stories and/or series shortlisted for the award are:

All finalists’ story submissions are available on our Awards page.

The winners will be announced at the CJF Awards ceremony on June 12 at the Royal York Hotel. For tickets, tables and sponsorship opportunities, see contact information below or visit the CJF Awards page.

About the CJF Jackman Award for Excellence in Journalism

The CJF Jackman Award for Excellence in Journalism honours a Canadian organization that embodies exemplary journalism with a resulting impact on the community it serves.

On the 25th anniversary of the CJF in 2015, the Excellence in Journalism Award was named after Eric Jackman, the founder of the CJF, a business leader and award-winning clinical psychologist. Jackman—along with the founding directors—developed the criteria for this award, which reflects his passion and deep commitment to the CJF’s mission, and recognizes his vision, guidance and continued contribution to strengthening journalism.

Since 1996, the CJF has celebrated news organizations that embrace ideals of journalistic excellence – accuracy, independence, accountability, courage and originality – with this annual award.

Winners, since 2007, are selected in two categories: large media and small media. Applicants can enter either category, determined by the size of staff for reporting, production, technical and presentation support and the staff they can draw upon within any larger organization of which they are a part:
– large media organization (more than 50 full-time employees)- small media organization (50 full-time employees or less)

Entrants must indicate which of these two categories they represent. There is a $200 application fee for large media organizations and a $100 application fee for small media organizations.

Submission Requirements

– Entries will be judged on a specific story or series of stories produced by each organization during the 2023 calendar year.

– Only material published or broadcast in 2023 may be submitted.

– Only one entry will be accepted from a single Canadian print media outlet, broadcast program or online news organization.

– Entries may have up to THREE individual items on a common theme. Can include: articles, editorials, blogs, photographs, cartoons, videos, radio broadcasts, interactive graphics, multimedia projects.

In addition to a short summary of the proposal, the following questions should be addressed (with the weight each represents):

– Detail the resources in time and numbers dedicated to the work submitted, compared to the overall resources of the news organization. Describe the extent of work that went into the production of the story or series. (30%)

– Explain why your news organization selected this topic. (10%)

– Describe with supporting evidence the distinctiveness of the story (e.g. impact of the story/stories, specific communities affected, exceptional resourcefulness demonstrated by an individual reporter or reporters in a breaking news event, innovative technologies used to deliver the story).  (30%)

– From this list of standards for excellence in journalism, select up to three that are most applicable to your submission and explain why you selected each of them: Originality, Courage, Independence, Accuracy, Social Responsibility, Accountability, Diversity. (30%)

In evaluating each entry, the jury will consider:
Quality of Writing/Storytelling
– Clarity of Work Submitted – Stated Impact on Community

Judging Methodology

The judging panel is comprised of four to eight jurors (with bilingual representatives), who review all submitted entries through an online portal, rank the entries and then attend a face-to-face meeting or participate via conference call with their rankings to agree upon the finalists and recipient of the award. The finalists will be announced in April and May. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The recipient is announced at the CJF Awards ceremony in June.

The finalists will be announced in April or May. The recipient is determined by a jury.

Please contact CJF president and executive director Natalie Turvey should you have any questions.



The Globe and Mail
(large media) For its coverage of the sexual assault scandals at Hockey Canada: with narrative-changing coverage such as, “How Hockey Canada used registration fees to build a fund to cover sexual-assault claims,” “Court filing reveals new details about alleged Hockey Canada group sexual assault”, and “Shut Out.”

(small media) The Eastern Graphic for its year-log examination “Through the Cracks,” which covered mental health and addiction services in Prince Edward Island.


The Globe and Mail
(large media) For “Escape from Afghanistan,” a story documenting journalist Mark MacKinnon’s courageous work on the efforts to evacuate Afghan nationals following the fall of Afghanistan.

(small media)  IndigiNews
For its revelatory reporting on the B.C. government’s controversial practice of birth alerts that were declared “illegal and unconstitutional” by lawyers months before the government stopped the program.

The Globe and Mail
(large media)For its series investigating why Canada’s pandemic preparedness system was unable to initially respond effectively to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Narwhal (small media)
For its groundbreaking reporting based on freedom-of-information requests about the beleaguered Site C dam, the most expensive public project in BC’s history.

The Globe and Mail
(large media)For breaking the story of the SNC-Lavalin affair and its follow-up coverage

The London Free Press
(small media)For its “Face It” project exploring the interconnected problems of, and potential solutions to, low-employment participation, a lack of shelter and entrenched addiction in London

CBC News
(large media)For Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo

Saskatoon StarPhoenix and Regina Leader-Post
(small media)For their joint coverage of the Humboldt Broncos

The Globe and Mail
(large media)”Unfounded” seriesRobyn Doolittle, investigative reporter

The Independent
of Petrolia and Central Lambton(small media)For stories revealing conflicts of interest by the chief administrative officer for the southwestern Ontario town of PetroliaHeather Wright, editor and publisher


The Canadian Press
(large media)”Open Secret” seriesAndrea Baillie, managing editorKristy Kirkup, national affairs reporterHeather Scoffield, Ottawa bureau chiefSheryl Ubelacker, health reporter

The London Free Press
(small media)”Indiscernible” Randy Richmond, reporter

CBC News
(large media)Jennifer McGuire, general manager and editor-in-chiefCecil Rosner, managing editor, CBC Manitoba

Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, N.B.)
(small media)Adam Huras, provincial editor

The Globe and Mail
(large media)David Walmsley, Editor-in-ChiefIngrid Peritz, correspondent, Montreal

The Coast
(small media)Kyle Shaw, Publisher

Toronto Star
(large media)Michael Cooke, Editor

Vancouver Observer
(local media)Linda Solomon, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Winnipeg Free Press
(large media)Paul Samyn, Editor

The Tyee
(small media)Michelle Hoar, Director of Publishing and Advertising

The Current (CBC Radio)
(large media)Pam Bertrand, Executive ProducerAnna Maria Tremonti, Host

Vancouver Observer
(small media)Linda Solomon, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Toronto Star
(large media)Michael Cooke, Editor-in-Chief

CBC Manitoba
(small media)Cecil Rosner, Managing Editor

Toronto Star
(large media)Michael Cooke, Editor-in-Chief

Metroland Durham Region
(small media)Joanne Burghardt, Editor-in-Chief

Winnipeg Free Press
(large media)Margo Goodhand, Editor-in-Chief

The Tyee
(small media)David Beers, Editor-in-Chief

The Canadian Press
(large media)Scott White, Editor-in-Chief

The Telegram
(small media)Russell Wangersky, Editor-in-Chief

The Hamilton Spectator
(large media)David Estok, Editor-in-Chief

The Guelph Mercury
(small media)Lynn Haddrall, Editor-in-Chief

The Globe and Mail
Edward Greenspon, Editor-in-Chief

The Hamilton Spectator
Dana Robbins, Editor-in-Chief

CBC News
Tony Burman, Editor-in-Chief

The Record of Waterloo Region
Lynn Haddrall, Editor-in-Chief

CTV News
Kirk LaPointe, Senior Vice-President

CBC – Canada Now – Winnipeg Cecil Rosner, Executive Producer2000
The Ottawa Citizen
Neil Reynolds, Editor

Maclean’s Magazine
Bob Lewis, Editor-in-Chief

The Toronto Star
John Honderich, Publisher

CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Television News and Current AffairsBob Wakeham, Area/Executive Producer

The Telegraph-Journal and Evening Times-Globe of Saint John, New Brunswick
Neil Reynolds, Editor