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January 2019

Driving Innovation in Media

- View the photos - Watch the video  - Listen to the podcast In journalism today, the only constant is constant change. The need to innovate is greater than ever before, as powerful new tech tools alter the way we connect and communicate. Join two of journalism’s top innovators and changemakers in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities in driving news innovation. Aron Pilhofer is the James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation at Temple University in Philadelphia. Earlier, Pilhofer was a reporter for the New…

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February 2019

Setting the Standard for Cannabis Journalism

- Watch the video - View the photos - Listen to the podcast  The cannabis industry’s influence is far-reaching, affecting public health and safety, policy-making, the economy and talk of a ‘pot-com’ bubble. As various issues get worked out post-legalization, what challenges do journalists face in informing the public in a responsible manner? Join our speakers focussed on cannabis coverage: Megan Henderson, executive producer of TheGrowthOp.com; Manisha Krishnan, senior writer and host with VICE Canada; Armina Ligaya, business reporter with The Canadian Press; Mark Rendell, reporter with The Globe and Mail; and…

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Prévenir les menaces à l’approche des élections fédérales

28 February 2019 @ 7:00 pm

- Regardez la vidéo / Watch the video - Écoutez le podcast / Listen to the podcast - Voyez les photographies / View the photos - Regardez la vidéo CPAC / Watch the CPAC video Prévenir les menaces à l'approche des élections fédérales Si on se fie aux élections américaines et françaises — et à celles d'autres pays — nous sommes tout aussi vulnérables à la manipulation par des forces extérieures avant nos propres élections fédérales. Sommes-nous prêts à faire face à ce qui nous attend, y compris la désinformation et la propagande à caractère politique…

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April 2019

The Fight for Truth: Political Journalism in 2019

9 April 2019 @ 7:00 pm

- Read the press release on the results of the CJF poll conducted by Maru/Matchbox - View the photos - Listen to the podcast - Watch the CPAC video If journalism is about holding power to account, then journalists on both sides of the border are on it. But how does the political climate in each country affect reporting and coverage—or does it? Join our speakers: Vassy Kapelos, host of Power & Politics on CBC News, Sarah Kendzior, St. Louis, Missouri-based op-ed columnist for The Globe and Mail and co-host of the Gaslit Nation podcast,; and Tonda MacCharles, senior reporter…

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Fallout from the Field

16 April 2019 @ 6:30 pm

- View the video - View the photos - Listen to the podcast After witnessing the horrors of war, natural disasters or local crime stories, journalists must often cope with emotional trauma, moral quandaries and PTSD. How can reporters—and newsrooms—manage the personal impact of covering stories that involve human cruelty or suffering? How do these experiences shape future reporting? To discuss these issues, join our speakers: Anthony Feinstein, University of Toronto psychiatry professor, who is a pioneer in the study of mental health trauma…

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May 2019

Covering Alberta and the West: Election 2019

9 May 2019 @ 5:30 pm

- View the photos A dinner salon event With a federal election approaching, editors of five Canadian news organizations discuss their strategies for covering Western Canada. What are the challenges of reporting on key issues and of overcoming perceptions of unbalanced coverage? And does their coverage play a role in the growing sense of political alienation among some Westerners? Join this special dinner salon event moderated by Mayor Naheed Nenshi and featuring Kenton Boston, vice-president of news and information, Western Canada, for Corus Entertainment; Lucinda Chodan, vice-president…

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Trust, Truth and Trump

- View the Facebook Live - View the photos - View the video - Listen to the podcast Margaret Sullivan became The Washington Post’s media columnist in 2016 – the same year Donald Trump was elected president. Since then, she’s cast her critic’s eye across the journalism landscape: from the troubling “conjoined twins” relationship between Trump and Fox News, to the coverage of potential U.S. presidential candidates, to the press-freedom issues surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Her career includes being public editor of The New…

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September 2019

Fighting ‘Fake News’ Ahead of the Election

In partnership with       - VIEW THE PHOTOS - WATCH THE CONVERSATION FEATURING ASAPSCIENCE'S MITCHELL MOFFIT AND GREGORY BROWN, WITH SUPRIYA DWIVEDi, OR LISTEN TO THE PODCAST - WATCH THE CONVERSATION FEATURING CBC NEWS' KALEIGH ROGERS AND BUZZFEED NEWS' JANE LYTYVNENKO, WITH GLOBAL NEWS' FARAH NASSER, OR LISTEN TO THE PODCAST   Over the past three years, the precipitous rise of ‘fake news’ online has become one of the biggest challenges for democracies around the world. Academics, political experts, and journalists warn that the easy spread…

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October 2019

Doubt It? Check It. Challenge It. Combatting Misinformation: Strategies by Canada’s News Leaders and Tools for Digital Citizens

2 October 2019 @ 6:30 pm

- View the photos - Watch the livestream - Listen to the podcast https://youtu.be/mfH4vSZVZ0U   With the federal election approaching, how can we work together to spot and stop the spread of misinformation and outright lies, so voters can make informed decisions at the polls? In a special pre-election luncheon event, news leaders from across Canada’s major media will talk about the steps they are taking to combat ‘fake news’. And, we’ll share the smart strategies Canadians can adopt to verify information with the…

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November 2019

BuzzFeed: From Listicles to Hard News

- View the Facebook Live or the video on our Youtube channel - View the photos - Listen to the podcast  Hired as editor-in-chief in 2012, Ben Smith did for BuzzFeed—then best known for its lists, quizzes and viral videos—what few in the industry get to do: he built a news division from scratch. Although BuzzFeed’s entry into serious journalism was met with some skepticism, Smith grew its newsroom into a now-established force that has both garnered awards and generated controversy. In a conversation with Jayme Poisson, host of…

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