Canadians understand the value of fact-based journalism and its importance to ensuring a strong and vibrant democracy.  Canada’s media are diverse, inclusive and represent the audiences they serve.


The Canadian Journalism Foundation fosters excellence in journalism through the support and recognition of emerging and experienced journalists and their organizations and enhances the public’s understanding of fact-based journalism.


Founded in 1990, The Canadian Journalism Foundation promotes, celebrates and facilitates excellence in journalism. The foundation runs a prestigious awards and fellowships program featuring an industry gala where news leaders, journalists and corporate Canada gather to celebrate outstanding journalistic achievement and the value of professional journalism. Through monthly J-Talks, a public speakers’ series, the CJF facilitates dialogue among journalists, business people, academics and students about the role of the media in Canadian society and the ongoing challenges for media in the digital era. The foundation also fosters opportunities for journalism education, training and research.

The CJF has been dedicated to acting as a catalyst for open and honest dialogue – helping to improve relationships between and understanding

of the media and the private and public organizations that are often the focus of media and public attention. It is a pivotal distinction that sets The Canadian Journalism Foundation apart.

The Canadian Journalism Foundation attracts presidents, CEOs and senior executives from Canada’s leading institutions. CJF’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors include high-level representatives from corporations, media organizations, academic institutions, professional associations, and some of Canada’s leading charitable foundations. CJF is built on the commitment of these inspired and influential individuals who lend their time and expertise to furthering CJF’s mission.




The CJF recognizes outstanding achievement through its prestigious annual awards program. The CJF Jackman Award for Excellence in Journalism is the only one of its kind, presented to a news organization that embodies exemplary journalistic standards and practices with a resulting impact on the community it serves. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to journalism in Canada. The CJF Tribute is presented to a media luminary or organization that has made a global impact through journalism. The awards program culminates at our annual CJF Awards, where prominent journalists, media executives, business and public sector leaders come together to celebrate excellence in journalism. We also create public awareness about the value of journalism around the globe with World News Day.



Justice. Equity. Unity. Democracy. We explore the most pressing issues facing the country today at our monthly CJF J-Talks – public events where journalists, business people, government officials, academics and students gather to discuss the role of the media. Journalists gain insights into conditions and constraints that guide business and government decisions and actions. Non-journalists gain an understanding of the realities that drive media policies and practices.



The CJF fosters opportunities for journalism education, training and research. Doubt It? is a news literacy program to provide Canadians an understanding of the role of journalism in a healthy democracy and the tools to find and filter information online, with thanks to a grant from Google.org. CJF was a founding partner of J-Source.ca (English) and ProjetJ.ca (French), collectively known as the Canadian Journalism Project, websites dedicated to the latest journalism news, opinions, tools, advice and connections. As of 2014, these website projects are now operated and maintained by the country’s leading journalism schools and organizations, and feature original and collected resources.


Canadians need the best available information in order to make sound decisions about the issues that shape our society. Access to in-depth, authoritative information is vital to the democratic process.

As Canadians’ primary source of information about today’s complex and challenging issues, the media play a pivotal role in shaping public decision making. Media are challenged to fulfill their role of providing intelligent, incisive information. They need access to the knowledge and insights of experts. They need to gain greater understanding of the issues and forces that underlie policy and decision making in the private, non-profit and public sectors. They need opportunities to exchange ideas and perspectives with others both in and outside their field.

The Canadian Journalism Foundation creates these opportunities by working with media and non-media organizations to improve the quality of public information through excellence in journalism. Our forums offer high-level, in-depth dialogue and debate. The result: Powerful ideas and insight that contribute to knowledge and influence understanding and their time and expertise to furthering CJF’s mission.

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