Sara Kae (Kanutski) – 2023-24

2023 CJF-CBC Indigenous Journalism Fellow

by Sara Kae (Kanutski)

My month in Winnipeg, Manitoba, working with CBC Indigenous through the CJF-CBC  Indigenous Fellowship was an exciting experience. In the last year, I have immersed myself in  the world of journalism, a career path I never thought was possible for an individual with no  educational background. I found a sense of familiarity while working with the CBC Indigenous  team. It was inspiring to have the chance to work alongside others who understand the  importance of having proper representation and voices within broadcasting and media.  

I did not know what to expect going in, but I hoped that by the time the short month came to a  close, I could leave with new skills under my belt. I can say without reservation that I feel proud  of the time spent with CBC Indigenous. I was out of my comfort zone from my work with CBC  Thunder Bay because I was required to find a new network in a city I had never worked in  before. I was pushed to ask new questions and find new voices. My initial pitch changed from before I came to CBC Indigenous to when I began. My producers were encouraging me to do a story I felt passionate about. I wanted to take on the challenge of understanding an experience  familiar to me and a conversation I have had with many Indigenous people within my community and circles. Throughout my entire time with the team, I was guided on how to create more clarity and direction in my story. It was nerve-wracking to have Indigenous journalists work  on my project, but I was excited to grow from the experience, which is exactly what I did during  my time with the team. 

I am honoured to have been chosen to spend time at the CBC Manitoba office with the CBC  Indigenous team, who without fail helped me hone new parts of myself as a journalist.  

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