Tanner Isaac – 2023-24

2023 CFJ-CBC Indigenous Journalism Fellow

by Tanner Isaac

Head shot of Tanner Isaac, a clean-shaven Indigenous man with short hair, wearing a dark blue shirt. Going to Winnipeg to work with the CBC Indigenous team has been amazing. My time at CBC has really
opened my eyes up in terms of knowing what I want to do, which is entertainment news. It was never
my true intention to be involved in the journalism field, as it can be quite heavy at times. The wonderful
CBC Indigenous team welcomed me with open arms and supported any story I wanted to do.
After some brainstorming, the team noticed I had a great idea for a story on Indigenous
entertainers and their thoughts on representation in mainstream media. I believe we are seeing a rise in
Indigenous entertainers, so I knew I had to speak with some of these up-and-coming creators. I
created a minute-long reel for TikTok and YouTube. The team really enjoyed my camera
presence and knowledge of social media, which ultimately landed me an extra five weeks to work with

I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity. I’ve learned so much and found my confidence
to continue pursuing this career. Before this fellowship, I was fresh out of college, trying to find my
calling. Thanks to CJF and CBC Indigenous, I found it. I can see this opportunity become a great start for
the future generation of Indigenous journalists.




ISABEL BASSETT, Former Minister of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation and former chair and CEO of TVO