CBC’s Krista Erickson to join Sun TV News

CBC reporter Krista Erickson is leaving CBC News to join the new Sun TV
News channel, CBC reports.
Krista Erickson
The new right-leaning network was announced this week. Read David Spencer’s op-ed on what the new network might mean for Canada. Watch Sun TV’s new promotional video. Sun TV owner Quebecor appointed former Harper communications director Kory Teneycke as head of the Ottawa bureau, and hired Canwest reporter David Akin as a Sun TV News host.

The CBC reports:

“Erickson has worked at CBC News for over a decade. She started in Winnipeg in 1999 and worked on a bunch of shows and earned a Gemini nomination in the process.

“In 2008 she was embroiled in a mini-scandal after a CBC investigation determined that she passed questions to Liberals during the Mulroney-Schreiber hearings. Erickson was cleared of any allegation of bias by the CBC ombudsman and she was later reinstated to the Ottawa parliamentary bureau.”

Erickson was also the subject of debate recently when it was announced that she is registered as the designated traveller for Calgary Centre Conservative MP Lee Richardson, which means she is entitled to receive flights paid for by taxpayers.