Quebecor to launch Fox-style TV station

Quebecor Inc. president Pierre Karl Peladeau announced that he is
launching a right-wing Canadian TV network that will be modelled after
the controversial Fox News network in the U.S. The new network will be known as Sun TV, and has already dubbed itself “controversially Canadian.”

The media mogul called the news network “a new voice and a new choice for Canadians.”

The channel will share resources and reporters with Sun Media.

“Television in Canada remains a vital source of news and information for Canadians, and all-news specialty services can play a vital role,” Péladeau said. “English Canada, however, is ill-served by the incumbent specialty news channels (CBC News Network and CTV News Channel).

“Canadians today either are watching CNN or the indistinct specialty news offerings of our Canadian competitors. As a result, far too many Canadians are tuning out completely or changing their dials to American all-news channels.

“That’s not good for Canadian television. It’s not good for Canadian democracy. And it’s not good for Canada itself. Quebecor sees this as an untapped-market opportunity. It’s time for a new choice, a new voice.”

Kory Teneycke, former communications director to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, will be in charge of developing the news station.

The CBC reports:

“Teneycke rejected the label, “Fox News North,” which has been applied to the new TV property because of its similarity in format to the right-wing U.S. network.

“The network will offer “strong opinions and analysis” but will carry a range of points of view, he said.”