Sun TV News promo video: “Hard news and straight talk”

A promotional video for the newly-announced Sun TV News Channel features
hockey, crystal clear lakes and references to the national anthem.
Sun TV News Channel
The network dubs itself “Canada’s future home for hard news and straight talk.” Its website reads:

“It’s time for a change.

“Canada needs a stronger, better, bolder news and information network. One that matches hard-hitting, fast, investigative news with insightful, colourful, and clear commentary. One that keeps us informed minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, with the most trusted names in journalism. One that replaces the same old talking heads with more voices, new voices.

“Canada is calling out for a news leader we can be proud of. It’s time for a new choice, a new voice, a new genre, a new Information & Analysis specialty service for Canadians.”

The new news network, owned by media giant Quebecor, was officially announced yesterday, although the rumour mill has been working full-time for more than a week with the announcements that former Harper communications director Kory Teneycke would become head of Quebecor’s Ottawa bureau and Canwest reporter David Akin would be joining the network as its first host. J-Source also published an opinion piece by David Spencer on what the new network might mean for Canada.

The “Why Sun News” page on the site adds:

“All news specialty services play a vital role in keeping Canadians well informed on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour basis and ensuring that news coverage is both broad and deep. However, being well informed means more than being exposed to dry news.

“Led by trusted journalists like David Akin and Brian Lilley, Sun News will offer Canadians “Hard News” by day: live reporting and real-time conversations with journalists covering breaking news. Headlines will be analysed, commented upon and discussed at length in an intelligent exchange to open further debate. Daytime news segments will cover a broad range of political, economic and lifestyle stories that matter to Canadians both rural and urban.

“In the evenings, “Straight Talk” programs will feature hosts and guests that deliver strong opinions and analysis of stories that are important to Canadians that day. “Straight Talk” opinion journalism at night will be clear, intelligent and engaging – featuring a broader array of television personalities and signature hosts who will challenge viewers to think – and decide – for themselves.”

On a page titled “What you can do“, the network urges potential viewers to “Help get Sun News on your TV” by making a pledge to view Sun News, following them on Facebook and Twitter (the
SUNtvnews account was launched today), and telling your friends to support the network. The network is applying for prime real estate on the TV dial: a Category 1 Licence from the CRTC. The site reads:

“CBC News Network has enjoyed 21 years of an analog service status on basic tier and CTV News Channel has enjoyed 13 on a high penetration tier. The CRTC has not approved a national Canadian voice since 1997.

“A Category 1 Licence would create a level playing field to give Sun News three years to bring the “hard news/straight talk” format to Canadians.”