Toronto’s CP24 gets a new look

As it celebrates its tenth anniversary, Toronto news channel CP24 has launched a new, updated look that includes a new logo, newsroom and updates to the website.

A press announcement stated:

…CP24 introduces a new take on the channel’s popular format with a brand new set in addition to new graphics, IDs and opening music. The new set, located in CTV’s historic Queen Street studios, is bright and airy, featuring a prominent anchor desk elevated to overlook Queen Street West. Also on set is a Breaking News Desk, housing the CP24’s all-new weather and traffic systems in addition to the breaking news assignment team.

Taking advantage of the historical character of the building as well as the high-tech nature of 21st century newsgathering, the brick walls house a state-of-the-art newsroom. New technology includes eight, robotic, in-studio cameras as well as high-tech video display walls that serve to brand the channel’s various programs. Banks of computers running CP24’s advanced weather and traffic systems are prominently featured throughout the set.

On-screen, CP24 has also been refreshed. The visual changes include an enriched screen featuring the familiar CP24 logo on a bold red and white background in addition to a high-impact weather zone. Online, has also been updated to reflect the updated look. On the road, CP24 has invested in new, high-technology news vehicles, capturing Toronto’s breaking news from wherever it happens.

The launch of the changes come at a time when CTV just announced a
hiring freeze and a halt on spending and new projects for economic