Layoffs and hiring freeze to come at CTV

CTV staff are scheduled to gather with company CEO Ivan Fecan on Nov.
19 in a town hall-style meeting to find out details about upcoming
cutbacks, operational changes and a hiring freeze, according to a CBC
News report

A memo to staff outlined cost-cutting measures that have been put into place at CTV. The CBC report states:

“Across all TV properties, there will be a hiring freeze,” as well as a halt on travel and entertainment spending, he wrote.

“New projects, unspent capital plans will be revised, delayed or halted” and management has called on each department to “identify efficiencies — unfortunately, this will result in some layoffs.”

However, organizational changes will not be the same across the board, he said.

“Each situation will be judged by its own circumstances … where there is strong revenue or competitive reasons, we may choose to add, not cut, resources.”

This news comes on the heels of Canwest’s cutting of 560 Canadian jobs, or about 5% of its workforce.