Striking Free Press workers to vote on offer

After two weeks on strike, Winnipeg Free Press staffers will vote on a new employment contract offer on Oct. 28.

Mary Agnes Welch, spokeswoman for the Communication, Energy and
Paperworkers Union, told the CBC the union is not recommending the offer but members will have their say. She said:

“I think what they’re saying is that they’ve gone as far as they can
go with the company at the bargaining table without taking it back to
the members so that the members can have their say.”

About 1,000 members of the union, including editorial, advertising, circulation and press
staff, went on strike on
Oct. 13. A team of Free Press employees has continued to report the news and posts to a website set up for the strike period.

If the deal is signed, workers could be back at work as soon as October 29.