The Las Vegas
Sun is in competition for the world’s
longest correction
, while New Hampshire’s Valley News has learned even a small mistake can look huge when it’s in your masthead in 60 pt. type. Both papers bit
hard on the confession bullet. But when Toronto Star public editor Kathy
English reviewed her own paper’s track record, she found journos reluctant
to admit mistakes

Hey, it happens: even the NYT’s obit section has to say ‘oops’
after lionizing the
Whitehouse photographer who wasn’t
. Meanwhile the folks at TomPaine.com
have given us corrections
we’d like to see
, including sincere apologies for the lack of a labour
section. But seriously, folks, here’s a resource to help lower the number of
red faces out there: Fact-Checking and

J-Source regrets in advance any
errors this week’s Big Issue may contain.