Now what?

Question MarkNow what? That’s the question one Scared Journalist asked’s Cary Tennis this week. The answer: “Find a story and write about it.” Another commentator figures journalists must not only report and write, but get out from behind the desk, actively engage with readers and promote themselves using social media. Ah, social media, it’s either the saviour or the beginning of the end, depending on who you talk to. Documentary producer Ira Basen spoke to a whole slew of experts for his recent CBC Radio series News 2.0: The Future of News in an Age of Social Media. You Tube has launched a channel called Reporters’ Center to help citizens report the news. It features advice from top journalists including Katie Couric and Bob Woodward, as well as tutorials such as how to capture breaking news on your cell phone camera. In a time when anyone can create, report and publish news, how are new delivery methods changing journalism?

(Image by Leo Reynolds. Used under Creative Commons license.)