Nellie Bly need not apply

This week J-Source did a double take on sexist language in
the media
. A review of past posts suggests that how female politicians are
treated in the news may be related to how female staffers are treated in the
newsroom. From editorial
to op-ed
, women are greatly under-represented,
although they form the majority of j-school grads. In a 2007 survey, 79
per cent of female journalists said sexism and discrimination are at play in
Canadian journalism. (Worth noting: the majority of their male colleagues

From the days of Bly and Tarbell, it’s not as if women
haven’t fought to be on the frontlines.
So where are you, women journalists and j-grads? Are you, like Barbara Budd,
toiling among a corps of part-timers occasionally declared redundant? Or do you
work where only
hotties need apply
? Visit J-Source and tell your story.

(Photo: Nellie Bly. Public domain)