Looking into the crystal ball

The discussion of the future of journalism has changed. It seems to have shifted from a conversation about the death of the industry to a much less gloomy, solutions-oriented debate about what’s next.

As decent newspaper readership numbers come in from NADbank, some experts are even saying it’s a good time to be starting out in journalism. Even folks in the troubled local TV business are optimistic about new initiatives to keep local news afloat.

A variety of new business models are being tried and tested in the United States and Canada and the big question is if readers are willing to pay for news when it’s been available for free for so long.

Ryerson University and the Ryerson Journalism Alumni Association,in association with J-Source,are hosting “What’s Next for News: A Conversation about the Future of Journalism” on Oct. 2. The panel features Clay Shirky, Andrew Keen and Mathew Ingram.