30 Jul

Alternative Media in Canada: An Interview With David Skinner

<p><strong>Alternative Media in Canada, </strong>a new collection edited by Kirsten Kozolanka, Patricia Mazepa, and David Skinner, fills a substantial gap in Canadian media research: it is the first collection to provide an overview of Canadian alternative media practices.  The assembled chapters discuss a wide range of media forms — including public service broadcasting, community radio, feminist periodical, and anarchist zines — while also considering the necessary conditions for the survival of alternative and independent voices in the Canadian mediascape.  <em>Researc

26 Oct

Occupiers, big media wants your help!

<p><em>In a sea of inept coverage on the Occupy protests, news corporations are now out to make more cash by doing less journalism. <strong>Shannon Rupp</strong> on the grab for free content -- and the persistent myth that newspapers' raison d’être is to inform citizens. The article originally appeared on <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">The Tyee</a>, and is reprinted with permission.</em></p>

2 Mar

What I learned in five days working for a citizen reporting website

I’m a freelancer. I’m driven by hunger, boredom and ego and I’ll do anything, writes Claude Adams. So he signed up to write Olympics pieces (paid-for…sort of) for Allvoices, a […]

16 Nov

Collaboration with citizen journalists is the future, says T.O. Star public editor

In a Nov. 14 column, Toronto Star public editor Kathy English tackled the subject of citizen journalists. English’s column comes just on the heels of the Canadian Journalists For Free […]

2 Sep

U.S.-based buys Vancouver’s NowPublic, a Denver-based citizen journalism website owned by Clarity Media Group, has acquired Vancouver-based NowPublic. Rick Blair, CEO of said in a press release: “Every day we hear discussions […]

14 Oct

Election Act gates set to fall

Election Act: 329. No person shall transmit the result or purported result of the vote in an electoral district to the public in another electoral district before the close of […]

30 Sep

“Everything” has changed: Ormiston on election coverage

Susan Ormiston is a correspondent on CBC’s The National. As well as reporting from many parts of the world, Ormiston has been involved in nearly every CBC election reporting team […]

26 Sep

YouTube and Pulitzer team up for contest

Citizen journalists around the world are being given the chance to strut their journalistic stuff online, with Project: Report, a journalism contest that YouTube and the Pulitzer Center have cooked […]

12 Sep

The revolution will be plagiarized

The citizens are failing us at NowPublic. As of 2 p.m., Sept. 11, nearly 60 per cent of the stories in the citizen-journalism site’s Canadian Election section consist of quoted material […]

3 Sep

Allvoices’ citizen journalism incentive program

The allvoices Excellence in Citizen Media Incentive Program is an online initiative to reward on-the-ground news and opinion contributors from all over the world with a six-month cash incentive. Contributors […]