Collaboration with citizen journalists is the future, says T.O. Star public editor

In a Nov. 14 column, Toronto Star public editor Kathy English tackled the subject of citizen journalists.

English’s column comes just on the heels of the Canadian Journalists For Free Expression (CJFE) first award presented for citizen journalism.

English wrote:

“Citizen journalism, as it pertains to newsgathering, has evolved to be more about collaboration between citizens and journalists than citizens replacing journalists…

“The truth is, digital technology does indeed allow ‘citizens’ to capture and communicate words and images as never before. Equally true is that mainstream media have come to count on those tech-ready citizens with a sense of news to help us cover breaking stories. The Star and other news organizations now even solicit citizen contributions – also known as “user-generated content” – on breaking stories.”

She adds:

“I expect such collaboration is the way of the future.”