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January 2021

Fast Forward: Trust, Tech and the Media

26 January 2021 @ 1:00 pm

It’s all happening—and happening fast across the media spectrum: digital transformation, diversification of newsrooms and efforts to engage the diverse communities media organizations seek to serve. But there are still challenges and more change to come -- how best to connect with those who are typically underserved, whether it be communities of colour, the disenfranchised or the young and disengaged? How can innovations in today’s technology be applied to reach various audiences? Particularly, can technology from the gaming world be…

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February 2021

Navigating Race and Politics in a Post-Trump World

25 February 2021 @ 1:00 pm

Hopes are pinned on President Joe Biden to navigate the turbulent terrain of race and politics inflamed during Donald Trump's presidency. What role does the media play in the path forward? How can journalism make a difference? Discussing the challenges and opportunities ahead: Errin Haines, co-founder and editor-at-large for The 19th, a non-profit, non-partisan news organization focused on women, politics and policy, and from The New York Times, opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie and national political reporter Astead W. Herndon, in conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of…

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March 2021

News and How to Use It: A Conversation with Alan Rusbridger

3 March 2021 @ 1:00 pm

In his latest book News and How to Use It, the former long-time editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, casts his eye across the messy media landscape, examines the way journalism is produced and consumed, and offers a user’s guide on how to stay informed at a perplexing time of fast-changing news. Has it ever been more difficult to believe what we watch and read due to the proliferation of competing ‘truths’ online? Join Rusbridger, now chair of the Reuters Institute for the Study…

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May 2021

David Remnick on The New Yorker

13 May 2021 @ 1:00 pm

David Remnick helms The New Yorker, journalism's gold standard for agenda-setting, long-form investigations and personal narratives. In the 23 years of Remnick’s editorship, The New Yorker has become the most-honoured magazine in the United States, winning 48 National Magazine Awards and six Pulitzer Prizes. Remnick also won a Pulitzer personally for Lenin’s Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire—one of his six books—based on his time serving as Moscow correspondent for The Washington Post. Remnick speaks about his remarkable career and the challenges of…

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September 2021

9/11: 20 Years On: Lessons Learned in Global Journalism

9 September 2021 @ 1:00 pm

The 9/11 attacks compelled news organizations and journalists to rethink their coverage, from creating a security beat, to ethical questions of sending or using freelancers in danger zones, to how to cover those who were accused—just a few issues among many. Twenty years on, as the West makes its chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, what lessons shape today’s coverage and what challenges still persist? The featured speakers are Omar El Akkad, novelist and journalist whose career coincided with the war on…

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October 2021

Beyond “Police Say”: Exploring the Media’s Reliance on Official Accounts

14 October 2021 @ 1:00 pm

The death of George Floyd focused the world’s attention on police brutality—and the problematic practice of relying on official accounts of events. But reporters have also long maintained police sources who provide information for their crime coverage. How has Floyd’s death changed reporting on police and their activities?Featured speakers Karen Attiah, columnist with The Washington Post, Wendy Gillis, crime and police reporter for the Toronto Star, and Adrian Harewood, host of CBC News Ottawa at 6, will be in conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of…

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State of Emergency: Reporting on Solutions to Climate Change

26 October 2021 @ 1:00 pm

From record-breaking heatwaves to prolonged droughts to migration crises and even production declines, our changing climate impacts all aspects of society. What role can journalists play in ensuring that climate reporting doesn’t only cover “what is” but “what can be”? What role can concrete solutions-based coverage play in responding to this crisis? In the lead-up to COP26 on October 31, this panel will explore the importance of climate solutions journalism in sharing valuable knowledge and lessons learned from academics, news…

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Big Voices

28 October 2021 @ 1:00 pm

Content Warning: The Big Voices J-Talk will explore discussion points that may be graphic or sensitive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.At a time when a range of voices and perspectives are available across multiple platforms, and a choice word or angle can be a landmine—setting off a barrage of online hate—what does it take to be a columnist and how has the role evolved in a fraught social media environment where attacks inordinately target women and racialized journalists?…

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November 2021

Reimagining Opinion Journalism

4 November 2021 @ 1:00 pm

In these highly opinionated times, what is the role of opinion journalism? What opinions should be amplified? Which views might be better left in the dark? Have opinions overtaken the news? Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kathleen Kingsbury, appointed in 2020 as the New York Times’ Opinion editor, tackles these big questions in her new role with one of the world's most influential Opinion sections. Kingsbury speaks about the new ideas she brings to the Times and the future of opinion journalism, in…

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Behind the Scenes: an inside look into award-winning Globe and Mail investigations

30 November 2021 @ 1:00 pm

Investigative journalists work tirelessly to hold the powerful to account by unearthing stories that expose systemic issues and can lead to meaningful change. On November 30, the Canadian Journalism Foundation welcomes award-winning Globe and Mail journalists Tom Cardoso, Grant Robertson, and Chen Wang for an inside look into how they pitch and research in-depth stories, the challenges they face, and the resulting impact of their work. The National Newspaper Awards named Cardoso Journalist of the Year for his 2020 investigation into systematic…

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