Interview season

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Yes, put away those twinkle lights and nicely wrapped presents because interview season is just around the corner and you’ll want to nail it.

Whether you’re applying for a summer internship or holding out hope for your first post-graduation job, the application process is only half the battle. It’s the interview (or sometimes a series of interviews) that will really give you a chance to show your potential employers just how awesome you are, so make sure to be prepared.

Corinna vanGerwen wrote today on her Dream Job TK blog about a panel recently hosted by Ed2010 Toronto that featured a trio of experts offering advice on how to nail a job interview. vanGerwen summarized the advice—from Best Health’s Bonnie Munday, Chatelaine’s Megan Griffith-Greene and Transcontinental Media’s Jenny Pruegger—into six knock-’em-dead tips.

A couple of my favourites:

“1. Know the magazine. The most common – and stupidest – mistake Griffith-Greene sees is people who come into the interview not having familiarized themselves with the publication. The interviewer isn’t going to believe that you want to work there if you haven’t bothered to read the magazine. Read at least three back issues, though reading more will give you a better understanding of the topics covered and tone of the title.”

“4. Be a superstar. Griffith-Greene was impressed by a candidate who pulled out a sticky-note–riddled copy of Chatelaine filled with comments when asked what she did/didn’t like about the magazine. Munday was impressed by a candidate who created a mock magazine all about herself, with cover lines and articles selling her talents and qualifications.”

Check out vanGerwen’s full post for more tips, and best of luck this interview season!