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Canadian Magazines Jobs
The Canadian Magazines blog posts new job listings in its job thread. Additionally, news about job openings and staff changes occasionally crop up in the main blog, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on both.
Canadian Press Careers
The Canadian Press, Canada’s top news agency, houses employees across the country in all fields of news production. CP deals in both print and broadcast.

Canwest Careers
Canwest, one of Canada’s largest media companies, owns numerous titles in broadcast, print and online, including Global TV and the National Post. Positions are available across the country and new listings come up all the time.

CBC/ Radio-Canada Careers

This is the spot to be for those wishing to work for Canada’s public broadcaster. Listings include positions from all areas of production on both the radio side and the television side of CBC.

CTVglobemedia Careers
CTVglobemedia, which owns CTV, The Globe and Mail and Chum Radio, among others, runs an excellent career database for those wishing to get into pretty much any field of journalism. There are listings for positions across the country including those in print, broadcast and radio.

Jeff Gaulin’s Job Board
This is an excellent resource for both sides of the game: users can search for media-related jobs and post them, creating a wonderful community of employment. Posted positions are not limited to journalism, however. Listings include jobs within the fields of photography, PR, sales, teaching and more.
Masthead Online Job Board
Masthead Online, a must-read industry blog, is also an excellent resource for job hunters. The jobs, generally geared toward those wishing to work within the magazine industry, range from advertising gigs to editorial internships.

Media Job Search Canada
Media Job Search Canada compiles tons of media-related jobs across Canada to make the job search a snap. In addition to journalism jobs, users can also search for jobs in other sectors, including admin, film, IT and the performing arts. Users can also subscribe to daily RSS feeds so any new postings will be delivered directly to their email inbox.

Metroland Careers
Metroland is a media powerhouse when it comes to publishing community newspapers and currently operates 97 titles within southern Ontario, most centred around Toronto, including the Hamilton Spectator and the Barrie Advance. New jobs are posted frequently to this database.

Though this Canadian company lists jobs in every field, it’s still an excellent source for journalists: they just have to do a little digging. A simple keyword search (for terms like “editorial,” “publishing,” “broadcast,” “journalism,” etc.) will yield many industry jobs that might not have popped up on other boards.

Osprey Media Careers
For those interested in working for Osprey Media, which owns numerous newspapers and magazines as well as, this is the place to be. Osprey properties are found all across Ontario.

Rogers Media Careers
Rogers, a gigantic media conglomerate, owns scores of properties in broadcasting, magazine publishing and more, including some of Canada’s most popular magazines. In such a large company, there’s a great chance users will be able to find their dream job.

Ryerson Journalism Job Board
This is a blog kept by the secretary of Ryerson’s Journalism School. It compiles all of the job offers that would have otherwise been emailed only to Ryerson students. The postings are a little light because the blog is quite new, but keep checking back. Scores of postings are sure to crop up in the near future.

Sun Media Employment Listings
Those who wish to work for Sun Media, Canada’s largest newspaper company, can find all jobs offered within the company in this one database. Users can also submit their resumes in order to be considered for future positions.

Transcontinental Careers
Transcontinental is the second-largest publisher of community magazines and the largest publisher of Canadian consumer magazines, so with any luck, there might be a job waiting for you.  Positions are available across the country.

Similar to, users job searching at Workopolis will have to sift through thousands of unrelated jobs in order to find the prized industry-related ones, but users shouldn’t scoff at a little digging. Great positions crop up here all the time, and after all, isn’t searching and investigating what journalism is all about?
The United States & Abroad

American Society of Newspaper Editors Newsroom Internships
This site allows users to search newsroom internships in the United States by state, job position and internship session.

Associated Press Careers
This international news service has myriad jobs listed for those wishing to work in all fields of news production. Users must register in order to browse the listings, but registration is free and quick. Once registered, users can sign up to have AP email them new job postings on a regular basis.

Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism Job Bank
The Journalism School at Berkeley offers a large list of current and ongoing jobs and internships across the United States. A large number of the jobs listed are located in California.

Bloomberg Careers
Bloomberg is a New York-based company whose news service provides real-time coverage of the financial world across the globe. Bloomberg deals in print, radio and television and offers jobs in every facet of the news business. Bloomberg, however, deals in a lot more than news so users will have to sift through a lot of unrelated positions while using this job database.

Ed2010 WhisperJobs Listing
This listing is a compilation of jobs that are officially posted to individual publications’ websites and those that the team at Ed2010 have only heard “whispers” about. Its message boards are also a great place to get an honest view on whether a particular publication will have its interns actually contributing or just fetching coffee and dry cleaning.

Hold The Front Page Journalism Jobs
This UK-based service compiles jobs in reporting, copy editing (sub editing), broadcast, photography and more. Users can also subscribe to an RSS feed to make sure they stay up-to-date on new postings.
Jobs 4 Journalists
This is a great resource for those looking to find work in the United Kingdom. Jobs 4 Journalists has listings in many sectors, including magazines, newspapers, newswires, PR and broadcast. Though it is primarily used for UK-based jobs, there are also occasionally postings for jobs based elsewhere, including North America.

This website allows users to search for any kind of position in the journalism industry, including internships. The site is based in the United States.

New York University Career Services

Career Services at NYU has compiled an ongoing list of jobs and internships across the United States. The list is conveniently organized by application deadline.  

One Day, One Internship
This independent website collects internship information from a variety of sources (including Craigslist, where some top-notch positions can sometimes crop up) and critiques them, only posting the most worthy and giving users an honest take on each position. One Day, One Internship compiles internships for all sorts of job fields, however, so users will have to do a search to find industry-related ones (though there are many).  

Thomson Reuters Careers
Regardless of career aspirations, users are likely to find a great job at Thomson Reuters, an international news service that deals in print and broadcast. Positions are available across the globe in many different fields.