Dorothy Parvaz freed

In the wee hours of the morning, Al Jazeera English sent out this tweet: “DOROTHY IS FREE. Al Jazeera’s Dorothy Parvaz has been released and is safe and well in Doha”.

The news organization later confirmed that she had been detained in Syria upon her arrival in Damascus 19 days ago for an assignment, but was released and sent back to Doha by Iranian authorities.

It’s not clear yet what happened to Parvaz, but according to a story in The Globe and Mail Syrian authorities have said Parvaz — who holds Canadian, U.S., and Iranian citizenships —  was deported to Iran shortly after her arrival. Iran had not commented on her disappearance until Tuesday, when its foreign ministry spokesperson said she had tried to enter Syria with an expired Iranian passport.

In the story posted on Al Jazeera’s website a company spokesperson said: “I’m delighted to let you know that Dorothy Parvaz has been released and is safe and well and back with us in Doha.  She has been in contact with her family, and we are with her now to find out more about her ordeal over the last nineteen days.”