Syrian officials confirm they’re holding Al-Jazeera journalist Dorothy Parvaz

Syrian officials have confirmed they are holding Dorothy Parvaz, a Canadian journalist with Al Jazeera English, who was detained on arrival in Damascus Friday — and hasn’t been heard from since. Al Jazeera has called for her immediate release.

Parvaz is a University of British Columbia graduate, and holds Canadian, American, and Iranian citizenship. After working as a feature writer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Parvaz joined Al Jazeera in 2010. She was sent on assignment from her Qatar to cover the recent protests in Damascus.

Her disappearance received media attention around the world, and many, including her family and fiance, are calling for her release. The Facebook group Free Dorothy Parvaz has nearly 4,000 members. Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi has also demanded the Syrian government “look into this.”