CTV confirms layoffs in Toronto

(Note: This post has been updated)
CTV has confirmed plans to cut approximately 105 jobs in Toronto, CBC News reports.

On Nov. 19, CTV CEO Ivan Fecan met with staff to discuss a hiring freeze and possible layoffs at the company.

A company spokesperson has confirmed that “virtually all” of the job cuts are in Toronto, but did not provide a breakdown of the job losses.

In an email sent to staff, Dawn Fell,
CTVglobemedia’s executive vice president of human resources and
operations, wrote:

“No further reductions will be taken for the balance of this year.”

A Reuters report concludes:

“As the economy hits the skids, many companies are expected to cut their advertising budgets, which in turn doesn’t bode well for media groups like Canwest and CTVglobemedia”

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail reports that the majority of the CTV job cuts were from MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic and MTV Canada, which CTV bought from CHUM last year, but others from news, communications and public affairs groups, specialty channel Star! and the entertainment news program ETalk were also cut. On-air hosts, inlcuding CTV Newsnet anchor Kate Wheeler, were laid off as well.