19 Aug

Cautionary tale: “Don’t trust Wikipedia”

<p>In <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">her latest column</a>, <em>Toronto Star</em> public editor Kathy English shares the story of <em>Star</em> intern Michael Woods, who learned the hard way how damaging unverified information can be.</p><p>Woods reported on the death of Rick Rypien, the 27-year-old Vancouver Canucks winger who was recently found dead after losing a hard-fought battle with depression. By all accounts Rypien had received full support from the Canucks organization through his troubles.</p>

25 May

The importance of information interviews

By Colleen Tang As a new journalist still in school I think it’s more important than ever to meet as many people in the industry as possible. Before I entered […]

25 Feb

Networking in real time

The economy is down, jobs are scarce and hope for that internship you wanted is slowly fading because a) they might be cutting back and b) they also might not […]

5 Feb

Interning at Brutal World Inc.

By Laura Stone “Man, I feel bad for your class. Not a good time to be graduating from j-school.” So began an email I received the other day from a […]

15 Jan

Calling out the mainstream media on Native issues

Dominique Jarry-Shore, a journalism student in Concordia University’s one-year graduate diploma program, spent a week last summer working at Eastern Door–a weekly newspaper for Mohawk First Nation reserve of Kahnawake. […]

17 Oct

Metro Canada looking for free hires

Metro English Canada, the country’s No. 1 free daily newspaper, is looking for editorial interns to join our bureaus in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. The successful candidates, […]

8 Oct

At least they have a sense of humour about it

The fine folks at Gawker, that quirky, gossipy, but highly informative online magazine thingy, have come up with some tips for the potential journalist looking to strike out and make […]

3 Sep

The art of the interview

Considering summer JUST officially ended, it may be early yet to start thinking about next summer’s job. Then again, maybe not. A lot of internships begin asking for applications in […]

2 Sep

To intern or not to intern?

Internships are generally considered a standard part of a blossoming journalism career. Graduate, intern, get a job. This has been the progression for many j-school grads over the years. Some internships […]

25 Mar

Internship advice for aspiring magaziners

Masthead Online, a publication that serves the Canadian magazine industry, provides a guide to how to break into the magazine business via internship. What they are, how they work, what to […]