You be the editor: Toronto Star

[This post has been updated]
Kathy English, public editor at The Toronto Star, put together a kind of “news judgment” survey for Star readers to start off 2009.

The survey provides a series of scenarios that Star staffers faced during the previous year and asks readers how they would respond. English will gather the answers and write about them in her next column.

She writes:

“In the public editor’s office we often hear from readers who question the articles, headlines and photos published in the Star. Readers of this newspaper have strong views on what appears in the paper and online and how news is written and presented…

So today, it’s your turn to weigh in on some of the actual questions the Star’s newsroom faced over the past year or so. Read through these scenarios and consider: If you were the editor of the Star, what would you do?”

Here’s an example:

“A photo in the Sports section captures interim Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher surrounded by three young women as he makes the draw for a horse race. Do you publish this photo caption: “It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Interim Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher is flanked by a trio of fillies yesterday as he makes the draw for Woodbine Oaks”?

  • Yes, it’s a humorous cutline.
  • No, what year is this, 1962?”

(Thanks to Bill Doskoch for the link.)


Read English’s column, Being the editor is no cup of tea, that came out of the responses to the survey questions.