Words to kick to the curb in 2010

Great words and phrases have a way of quickly becoming overused, misused and all-around annoying. Particularly irked by this is Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, which has been publishing an annual list of “banished words” for the past 35 years. This year’s exiled dictionary entries include “shovel-ready,” “bromance” and “stimulus.”

Released every New Year’s Day since 1976, the List of Words Banished has received hundreds of nominations from around the world of words that should be eradicated from the English language.

I have to disagree with a couple of entries on the 2010 list, namely “tweet” and “app.” The former, like the now-ubiquitous “Google” as a verb, is a result of the recent Twitter explosion and the jargon that tends to come with any new technology. While I generally find this sort of thing annoying, I just don’t see “tweet” going away anytime soon, if ever. I think the same can be said for “app.”

I am, however, all too happy at the suggestion that “sexting,” “chillaxin’” and all Obama prefixes and roots be banished from the English language.

You can check out the whole list here.

What word would you like to see done away with in 2010?