Will the Canwest sale offer more of the same?

When the bank pulled
the plug
on Canwest’s newspaper division last week, faint hope flickered in
the land. A Town Hall
asked: “Are we coming to the end of the decade-long train wreck of
Canadian journalism?”

But the history
of Canadian media ownership lends itself to more of the same, with hope for a post-monopoly
growing dim in the cold light of day. Canada’s recent track record
includes a 2005 senate inquiry into media concentration that let big media off the
, followed by the CRTC’s ‘Diversity
,’ which went nowhere.  

No surprise, then, that Canwest wants the newspapers sold
as a whole
, a concept the creditors are unlikely to argue with.  Bankers and moguls love chains; they offer
‘synergies’ and ‘efficiencies’ – although if one measures efficiency by local
news production, the claim is dubious.


ROB mag on the
downfall of Canwest
– October 2009

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