Will Al Jazeera inject new ideas in news coverage?

After some initial roadblocks, Al Jazeera English is on its way to
Canada – good news for those of us who got hooked on their international
coverage while travelling abroad. Details are in this J-Source
. With its 70 bureaus around the globe, including a proposed Canadian bureau, we can expect new voices, more news, and maybe some new ideas to boot.

In ‘Al Jazeera: paving
the way for consultative committees
’ Deborah Jones wonders – if Al Jazeera proposes a
community consultative committee, why shouldn’t other networks? Another
interesting idea: Al Jazeera maintains a Creative
Commons Repository
of its Gaza Strip footage. In a 2007 J-Source report, the Arab-language director-in-chief called for Slow Journalism.

Last February, the Canadian Journalism Foundation hosted
a Live Blog
with Tony Burman
. The discussion is still available for viewing.