A week of magazines in Toronto

Canadian magazine biz folks are gathering in Toronto this week, as two industry conferences hit the city, Magnet, run by Magazines Canada, and Mags U, run by Canadian Business Press.

Mag consultant and blogger D.B. Scott calls it “an intense, fact-filled, opinion-filled week” that leaves mag folks “immersed in ideas for making their businesses better or doing their jobs better” in a post about the two conferences.

Scott speculates about the topics of discussion that will dominate. His bets:

  • Who’s in trouble because of the recessionary downturn in advertising?
  • Are we through the worst of it?
  • What’s working for you? How are you doing?
  • What is Heritage up to and how will the Canada Periodical Fund shake out?
  • What are the successful models for digital publishing? Are there any?
  • What about that Canadian Writers Group and will it bring rates up?
  • Where can I get a good martini?

Marco Ursi, editor of Masthead Online, calls this mag fest week “The most wonderful time of the year” and reminds Masthead readers to check back for his posts from the conferences.