Website launched to combat Transcon freelance contract

A group of fourteen Canadian writers’ organizations has teamed up to create a newly launched website called Bad Writing Contracts.

The goal of the site is to “raise awareness about the unfair and damaging freelance contract from Transcontinental Media.”

While the site is currently focused on Transcon and its latest contract, the coalition notes that it plans to “provide updated information about other unfair freelance contracts you may confront, and what you can do about them.”

In a post to his Canadian Magazines blog, magazine consultant D.B. Scott notes that “the launch of the website is an indication that a settlement of this dispute is nowhere in sight.”

Along with the website is a blog, a Facebook group and a Twitter account.

The fourteen organizations involved in the coalition are:

  • Anne McDermid &Associates
  • Association des journalistes independants du Quebec 
  • Canadian Authors Association
  • Canadian Freelance Union 
  • Canadian Writers Group
  • The Cooke Agency 
  • Federation of BC Writers
  • Professional Writers Association of Canada 
  • Quebec Writers Federation
  • Saskatchewan Writers Guild 
  • Toronto Writers’ Centre
  • Westwood Creative Artists
  • Writers Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador 
  • The Writers’ Union of Canada

These organizations approached Transcon in June to discuss the contract.

According to a press release from the coalition:

“Since meeting with representatives from the coalition, the company has stated that it has no intention of altering the contract. It has also instructed its editors to not offer any assignments unless a writer has signed the controversial contract.”