Was world media asleep during G20?

A story on The Tyee suggests
that while Canadian coverage of the G20 was fairly thorough, the rest of
the world’s media was simply running the more obvious riot stories, or
snoozing altogether.

The Tyee provided links to international stories that disappointed them, as well as those that went further than photos of burning cop cars, and asked readers to do the same.

Some of the stories included in Tyee‘s roundup include:

“Al Jazeera ran several stories on the G20, including on one mass arrests of demonstrators.

“In Asian media, China’s Xinhua news agency looked at the bright side, claiming that G20 boosts Toronto businesses.”

“Latin America was distracted today by Brazil’s 3-0 victory over Chile in the World Cup, and by the assassination in Mexico of a candidate running for the governorship of Tamaulipas state.”

“Digital Journal, meanwhile, praised the rise of citizen journalism at the G20 summit, with several photos of riot”