Was coverage of the Royal Wedding over the top?

Would you have jumped at the chance to cover the Royal Wedding? For Christie Blatchford, that answer is “not a chance in hell.”

Blatchford’s Saturday page three column precedes The Globe and Mail‘s mega inside coverage of the Royal Wedding. Its heading: “Once upon a time, a young couple got married, and everyone lost their minds.”

Perhaps the daily was giving a nod to those not caught in the Royal thrall and wondering: Is the Canadian coverage of the William and Kate’s wedding over-the-top?

Blatchford certainly seems to think so:

“By the time you read this, the so-called “fairytale wedding” of this young century will be blessedly over, otherwise excellent journalists may have stopped interviewing ex-royal hairdressers and the like, and God willing everyone in the vast media encampment set up in the centre of London will have shut up.”

She continues:

“I was never big on the dream wedding, the princess thing … the cult of celebrity or the cloying writing about all of it that has been passed off as reportage these long last days. I don’t claim never to have been cloying in print or written trash myself, merely that I don’t have the knack for doing it about the British royal family. Those who wear mostly jeans and T-shirts should never be put in the position of describing others people’s clothes, which is all I could ever think of writing whenever I’ve covered anything royal.”

We’re not going to break down the exhaustive coverage here, but we will pose a question: What did you think? Was the coverage too much, or did the pomp of the Royal event deserve all the ink it could get?