War Reporting – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: a media project

“War Reporting – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” is a project that was completed during the spring of 2005 by three students enrolled in a Global Electronic Journalism course, a 20-credit course held in the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) at Stockholm University, Sweden.

In the course there were 12 students from 9 different nations: Bangladesh, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. The course participants were both professional journalists and journalism students. The students were divided into three project groups. The course language was English. The website they developed covers the following topic areas:

  • the ABC of war reporting: Keywords like Abu Ghraib and World War II, and their relevance for war reporting
  • ethics: an insight into questions of objectivity, accuracy and the context of images
  • propaganda: reflections about tools of influence by authorities and patriotic media itself
  • people: a look behind the scenes, on those who produce reports about areas in conflict
  • future: an outlook to what might happen with war reporting in the coming years