Walrus launches video trailers for magazine features

In an attempt to further promote its magazine features, The Walrus has launched the first in a series of video trailers for it’s cover stories.

The trailers are donated by Ingenious Devices, a Toronto-based start-up.

Shelly Ambrose, co-publisher of The Walrus, said in a release:

“It’s another way of letting people know about The Walrus. Hopefully people will see the trailer and pick up the magazine. There’s definitely a ‘wow factor’ to these trailers. We hope people will watch them and share them with their friends. We think that these trailers will excite people who already read The Walrus, and help draw new readers, too. Under John Macfarlane’s editorship and Brian Morgan’s art direction, the magazine is stronger than it’s ever been, so we’re confident that once people start reading The Walrus, they’ll keep reading it.”

Here’s the first trailer (for novelist Helen Humphreys’s re-enactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, “On the Plains of Abraham, 1759″):