Veteran journos dish on election

CBC’s The House has enlisted veteran journalists Tom Clark (who has covered every election since 1974) and Kevin Newman (every election since 1988) to help “cut through the spin.” The two will appear every Saturday until the election closes.

Here’s a snippet of what you can look forward to. Kevin Newman on the decision surrounding the leaders’ debate:

“I’m not sure the media did a very good job, or the networks anyway, of explaining how they came up with that solution. In a time when we’re expecting transparency of our political leaders the networks meet in secret. They don’t allow any kind of photo op, they don’t explain the criteria, they simply come up with a decision … I think there’s a transparency part of this, and if they’re going to make decisions that affect the outcome of elections, and they do, then they should be more transparent and explain what the rules are of the road.”