U.S. internships

Alternative Press Internship
This music-based magazine, located in Cleveland, Ohio, offers unpaid part-time internships to anyone who wants to join their love of music with their love of writing. Positions are available in editorial, art/production, online/web production and advertising/marketing. Applications are accepted year-round.
Boston Globe Newsroom Summer Internship
Most interns at the Boston Globe will work in the metro department on general assignment, though other intern reporters can be assigned to sports, living/arts and business. There are also positions available in photography, design and on the copy desk. This internship lasts for 12 weeks and interns are treated as full-time employees. This position is paid.
The Dallas Morning News Internship
This Texas newspaper offers positions in news, copy editing, business, features, sports and the dallasnews.com website and the possibility exists for a keen intern to be offered a full-time position with the Morning News at the end of his internship. Internships are offered year-round with most occuring during the summer. This position is full time and runs for 10–12 weeks. Only current students and recent grads are eligible. This position is paid.
Denver Post Internship
This 10-week internship will see successful applicants working in several different parts of the newsroom as news or feature reporters, online producers, photographers or graphic designers. Applicants should be senior-level undergraduate students with a keen interest in both print and online journalism.
Detroit Free Press Internship

Successful applicants will be able to gain valuable hands-on experience working alongside professional journalists in this 12-week summer internship. Positions are available in copy editing, design, photography, sports writing, business writing, features, local news reporting and editorial writing. This position is paid.
Dow Jones Newspaper Fund College Internship Program
The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund teams up with many U.S. newspapers and selects the best of the best—about 100 internships are offered—and sends them across the country to gain hands-on experience in business reporting, news, multimedia and sports copy editing. The internships run for at least 10 weeks, and all successful applicants will be offered free pre-internship seminars before they head off. Only current upper-lever undergraduate students and graduate students are eligible. All positions are paid.
Dow Jones Newswires Asia-Pacific Internship Program
Dow Jones has a network of 21 news bureaus in the Asia-Pacific region and this internship will see successful applicants gaining valuable experience in the world of a financial newswire at one of these locations. Interns act as general assistants and their responsibilities can include researching, monitoring the local media for stories and assisting in taking dictation of stories. This is a full-time position that can run anywhere from two to six months. This is a paid position.
The Detroit News Summer Internship
This 12-week internship will give successful applicants the chance to hone their skills as reporters, copy editors, photographers, graphic artists and page designers. The program offers hands-on experience and interns will be able to take advantage of many training sessions on various journalism- and newsroom-related topics throughout the summer. This position is paid.
Esquire Editorial Internship
Interns at this New York City–based magazine will be able to gain valuable on-the-job training. The magazine stresses that while initiative and a keen work ethic are required, the ability to fetch coffee for the boss is not. This is a full-time position offered in three cycles, starting in September, January and June. This position offers a weekly stipend.
Essence Summer Internship Program
This nine-week internship, located in New York City, will offer successful applicants on-the-job training in the magazine world. This internship is open only to recent graduates and those who are entering their final year of study. This position comes with a bi-weekly stipend.
GOOD Magazine Editorial Internship
GOOD Magazine, located in Los Angeles, offers a variety of intern positions on a part-time, rotating basis. Only current students are eligible for this program. Editorial intern responsibilities include assisting with submissions, researching, copy editing, fact-checking and general administrative tasks.  This position is unpaid.
Harper’s Editorial Internship
This New York City–based internship will see successful applicants working full time researching, fact checking and assisting with the general operation of the magazine. Internships are offered year-round, with positions starting in January, June and September. This position is unpaid.
Houston Chronicle Internship
Intern positions at this Texas newspaper are available in the reporting, editing and photography fields. Only currently enrolled upper-level students are eligible for this position.
The Knot Inc. Editorial Internship
Successful applicants will be responsible for researching, interviewing and general administrative tasks, including assisting with The Knot’s online brands (TheKnot.com, WeddingChannel.com, TheNest.com and TheBump.com). Interns can expect to write shot sidebars for The Knot and those who are especially keen and talented may find they are charged with writing entire features. This internship offers a stipend.
Los Angeles Times Summer Internship Program
This large metropolitan paper offers a 10-week summer internship that will place successful applicants at different posts within the paper: Metro, Sports, Business, Features, Washington bureau, latimes.com and Photo. Applicants must be current students or recent grads and must have a valid driver’s licence and access to a car for the duration of the internship. Little training is offered, so previous experience would be extremely beneficial. The internships usually run from mid-June through August. This position is paid.
Mental Floss Summer Internship
Interns at this Ohio-based magazine will be responsible for tasks such as writing articles and quizzes for the website, researching, proofreading, editing and general administrative tasks. Though Mental Floss is located in Novelty, Ohio (near Cleveland), many previous interns have been able to work remotely from wherever they live. The internship runs from June though August and interns will receive a monthly stipend.
New York Times Editing Internship
This 10-week internship is a joint effort between the Times editors and the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund. Successful applicants will be assigned to a major desk and will assist with editing incoming copy and writing headlines, all under the guidance of the copy desk chief. This position is paid.
New York Times James Reston Reporting Fellowship
This 10-week fellowship, named for the Pulitzer-winning reporter, offers positions to four postsecondary students. Successful applicants will be able to work in a section of the paper that reflects their skills and interests and are encouraged to pitch story ideas. Those who excel at the fellowship may be asked to stay on board for an extended six-month internship with the possibility of joining the New York Times’ staff after that. Only senior undergraduates and graduate students with previous internship experience will be considered for this position. This position is paid.
Newsday Summer Internship
Interns at Newsday will find themselves participating in the daily goings-on of this newspaper, and not simply observing. Interns work as reporters, photographers or artists and will be given actual writing assignments for publication. Successful applicants will also be able to take advantage of a series of seminars where they will be paired with Newsday staff in informal discussions on a variety of industry-related topics. This internship is full time and runs for 10 weeks. This is a paid position.
NPR Internship
Offered at both the NPR national headquarters in Washington D.C. and in the NPR West offices in Culver City, California, this internship will offer successful applicants the chance to gain experience at this internationally acclaimed public broadcaster. There are dozens of different internships offered at NPR and many are offered during the summer, fall and winter semesters. These positions are open only to current students and recent grads who are eligible to work in the U.S. This internship lasts between eight and 10 weeks and interns are expected to log between 20 and 40 hours each week.
Orange County Register Communications College Internship
About two dozen positions are available at this Southern California paper (about half of which are arranged through partnerships with associated media organizations and colleges) and successful applicants can find themselves working as reporters, photographers, page designers, copy editors and online reporters. The ability to speak a second language (especially Spanish) is a huge asset. The positions run for about 10 weeks each.
Philadelphia Inquirer Internship
Intern positions are offered both during the school year on a part-time basis (for academic credit) as during the summer on a full-time basis. Successful applicants can find themselves working as a reporter, photographer, graphic designer or copy editor at one of the Inquirer’s many news departments. Only current students are eligible, though preference is given to upper-year students.
Pulliam Journalism Fellowship
This internship, with positions available at both the Indianapolis Star and the Arizona Republic, offers hard-working students and recent grads the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience at a daily newspaper. Interns will also be able to participate in writing workshops and network with some of the best minds in journalism. This internship runs for 10 weeks and is a paid position.
Reuters Americas Journalism Summer Internship
Interns at this international news agency will get the opportunity to hone their reporting, writing and multimedia skills in this 10-week crash course in business, political and general news reporting. The internship offers positions in Toronto, New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Latin America. This position is paid.
Seattle Times Summer Internship
This 12-week internship will offer successful applicants the chance to work on various projects within the Seattle Times office as well as attend weekly training sessions offered by the Times staff. Only current upper-year students or graduate students are eligible for this program. This position is paid.
Spin Editorial Internship
Spin offers three internships each year, starting in January, June and September, taking on 2-3 interns each rotation. Interns will typically be charged with tasks such as transcribing interviews, researching stories, running errands, compiling music news and general administrative assistance. Interns are expected to put in 16 hours each week. This position is unpaid and located in Manhattan.
Sports Journalism Institute
This nine-week training program combines classroom learning with an eight-week internship at one of many newspapers across the United States. The position aims to help foster excellent in students interested in a career in sports journalism.
St. Petersburg Times Media Internship
Successful applicants will be given the chance to work within many departments at this Florida-based newspaper. This position is only available to upper-year undergraduates and graduate students.
Star Tribune Internship Program
This 10-week summer internship, located in Minneapolis, will offer students experience in reporting, copy editing, photography and design. Interns will be treated as entry-level staff and it’s not uncommon for an intern to be hired on full time at the end of his internship at the Star Tribune. This position is paid.
Time Inc. Editorial Program
This nine-week summer internship, located in New York City, will see interns working at one of Time Inc.’s publications, such as Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, In Style, People, Sports Illustrated and Time. Applicants must be current students who are gearing up for graduation and who have a keen interest in a career in journalism. This position is paid and dormitory-style housing will be provided.
The Wall Street Journal Journalism Internship Program

The Wall Street Journal is known for its top-notch business reporting and this internship will see successful applicants testing the waters of the financial world at one of the Journal’s news bureaus located throughout the United States. The internship runs for 10 weeks and approximately 18 positions are available. This is a paid position.
The Wall Street Journal’s Robert L. Bartley Fellowship Program
Named for the paper’s former Editorial Page Editor, this fellowship (which can last anywhere from one to six months) is offered to upper-level undergraduates and graduate students who aspire to careers in journalism. Up to five fellows may be selected to work as both writers and editors for the Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages. This position is paid.
Washington Post Newsroom Summer Internship Program
This 12-week internship, located in the heart of the nation’s capital, will offer successful applicants the opportunity to be a part of a real newsroom staff. Interns are expected to take on the responsibilities of any other full-time staff members. Only upper-level undergrads and graduate students are eligible and applicants must have previous experience in the news media world, either in the form of a formal job or an internship. This position is paid.