Under an Afghan Sky: Canadian journalist Mellissa Fung releases memoir of 28 days in captivity

This week, journalist Mellissa Fung released a book describing the 28 days she spent in captivity in Afghanistan. Entitled Under an Afghan Sky: A Memoir of Captivity, the book recounts how Fung, on assignment for a story about refugee camps in 2008, was suddenly grabbed by gunmen, beaten, taken and thrown — literally — into a hole in the ground.

In discussing the book’s release, Fung has told media that writing the memoir was extremely difficult. Not only was it painful to relive such a traumatic time, Fung says she felt guilty that she had become part of the story. (At the time of her release, Fung kept her public discussion of the issue to a bare minimum.)

For more on her experience and the experience of later writing about it, check out Fung’s interview with CTV and her interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge — or, better yet, buy the book.