An un-redacted challenge

minister Peter MacKay is leading The Current’s ‘Ministerial Refusals’
tally. McKay has turned down four interview requests this season, and has
accepted zero.

journalists are left to decipher documents with enough blacked
out lines
to make a KGB agent blush. At least we’re in good company – the
House of Commons Special Committee fared
no better in obtaining uncensored documents
. Perhaps this is why Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté’s space trip generated at least
23 times more international news coverage
than the Canadian mission in

See how
well you do, young code-breaker:  here
are the
130 redacted pages
, posted by blogger Mike

And here’s our challenge riddle (from page 47): “We met this
morning with ____ for a session of _____.”  Osama Bin Laden for a session of crokinole? Use
the comment area to fill in the blanks (You’ll need to first click on the title of this post, if you are reading this on the home page).

Best answer gets a prize!