A UK journalist in Saskatchewan

Jo Davis works as a reporter the Dorset Echo,
a daily newspaper in Dorset, England. She won a trip to Canada and
spent the time with the editors and staff of The Mercury in Estevan, Saskatchewan, as well as other newsrooms across the country.

The Mercury reports:

“Davis noted that unlike other daily newspapers around the globe, the publication she works with, the Dorset Echo, has enjoyed a circulation increase up to 20,000 over the past year following a revamping of the page design and policies which include shorter and brighter stories and a lot of hard news coverage.”

Davis is part of a stable of 12 general reporters, The Mercury reports:

“We’ve switched from community style to more hard news formats, large photos, one big headline on front page with one large story to lead into the paper. It seems to work,” she said, referring to the new style formulated with The Echo.

“We do a lot of front line reporting. We cover about half the county of Dorchester.”