Two U.S. entertainment tabloids to share reporters

Entertainment tabloids The National Enquirer and Star magazine already share office space for their Los Angeles staff…and now they’re going to share reporters too.

Editors in their New York office will decide how to divide the stories.
“It’s a case of us working smarter and cutting out duplication,” Enquirer editor in chief Tony Frost told WWD Media.

Is this a sign of things to come?

restructuring comes with four layoffs (three reporters and one office
assistant). WWD Media reports that the reporters will “have the
opportunity to work as freelancers.”

WWD Media’s Zeke Turner writes:

spokesman for the company said the changes have been planned for ‘quite
some time’ and are not related to AMI’s Chapter 11 filing in U.S.
Bankruptcy Court last November or to the magazines’ circulation numbers.
‘Over the past 13 weeks, the celebrity category is down 13 percent,
OK?’ Frost said. ‘And the Enquirer is flat.'”