Twitterific, Twittertastic

For those who are still getting used to Google news, we have some for you: it’s all about the Twitter. You know, Twitter,
that quick hit one-liner social messaging system that asks “What are
you doing?” from millions of users. It’s a telegraph 2.0, as one users
writes, and takes connectivity to a new and highly personalized level. The Online Journalism Blog,
a group of European journos featuring uber-connected Paul Bradshaw,
recently posted a list of 10 Twitter users that every journalism
student should follow. Some are specific to the U.K., but there’s
others from North America, like New York University professor Jay
Rosen, who also writes a popular blog, Press Think.
is free join, albeit a little complicated the first time around. But
for those who want to be in the know, like now, it’s the way to go.