Tweet early, Facebook late

A recent
post by Daniel B. Honigman
offers tips on the best time of day/week
for posts to Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The post, which
appears on Honigman’s blog Old
Media, New Tricks
, looks at two new social media studies.

study, published
by Dan Zarrallea
, found that stories published on weekends tend to
be shared on Facebook 20 to 50% more often then stories published during
the week.

Zarrallea writes:

“If you want your article
to be shared on Facebook by your readers, try posting it over the
weekend.” He credits the spike in part to workplaces that ban Facebook.

also points to
a recent survey from Retrevo
, which found that 42% of Twitter and
Facebook users check or update their pages/feeds first thing in the
morning–before visiting their
local news site.

retrevo,consumer electronics,gadgetology,social media,addiction,twitter,facebook
-Graphic by Retrevo

Honigman writes:

“What does this mean?…If your news organization has a Facebook page, post
links to your stories on there over the weekend. It’s as simple as

He suggests that users Tweet early in the morning, and
post a variety of content.

“If you get these out the door early
enough, there’s a good chance your posts can show up in people’s
Facebook News Feeds.”

He also suggests posting reminders for
your followers to check your Twitter and Facebook profile in the