Trina McQueen award

The Association of Electronic Journalists announced a new award for Best Television News Information Program, named after Trina McQueen.

McQueen has been a reporter for Toronto’s CFTO; co-host of W5; a reporter and later executive producer for CBC’s The National; vice president of English Television News and Current Affairs at CBC and CBC Newsworld;  President and Chief Operating Officer of CTV Inc.; and is currently on the Board of Directors of CBC/ Radio Canada.

The award recognizes McQueen’s breadth of achievement, said the press release. It quoted RTNDA Canada President Bob McLaughlin: “Throughout her career she has helped promote excellence in journalism, raising the bar for broadcasters everywhere and we are delighted to name this award in her honour.” The first Trina McQueen award will be given next June.

A small quibble: the press release emphasized McQueen’s “firsts” as a female Surely, we are all past that by now?