Toronto’s Eye Weekly gets a makeover

The latest issue of the Torstar-owned free Toronto paper Eye Weekly shows off a redesigned look and added features.

The changes include different fonts, column widths and other new design features. But the revamped version of the popular alt weekly seems to focus on a renewed sense of voice and “raised eyebrow analysis.”

Eye senior editor Edward Keenan wrote about the need for solid storytelling in a time of easy access to information:

“Now, we all subscribe to eleventy-kajillion RSS feeds (from, say,, for starters) and Facebook groups and email lists, and we search them all from our iPhones from wherever in the city, or the world, we may be. Then we Twitter the event live and shoot some snaps on our cellphones to upload to our own blogs. You want information? Be careful what you wish for, cause you’re liable to get buried under the avalanche of unfiltered, unsorted, insensible content out there.

Which leads me to what hasn’t changed: the need for someone to sort through the slush pile to find that which is worth our time; the desire for the voices of smart, interesting people telling stories worth listening to; something fun (and funny) to read at the coffee shop or on the subway — and as always, ideally it will come in an attractive package.”