The Toronto Star and its use of Twitter in covering the city strike

The Toronto Star is seeking personal stories related to the impact of the city’s municipal workers’ strike using the micro-blog Twitter.

In its lead story on June 30 23, both in its paper edition and on its website, the newspaper asked people to send in accounts using two methods: one is a specific commentary page and the second is using Twitter.

The Star is leveraging the recent popularity of Twitter. Many journalists and newsrooms are adopting Twitter as a means of communicating news and commentary instantly to the audiences. However, recently in Iran, protesters have used Twitter as means of getting information and pictures out to the international community. It has engaged Twitter users in plight, as well as generated much debate. Some news organizations have used the messages as part of its coverage and commentary.

The Star is unique in its use of Twitter. The Globe and Mail is using an email link from its website to send in stories. The National Post is using its usual comment feature at the bottom of the story without any specific solicitation of personalize stories.