Toronto Standard launches tonight

It’s no easy task launching a new publication. Take Christopher Frey’s tweet this morning: “9 HOURS TIL LAUNCH. @cf_huzun hasn’t had a shower in two days.” No big surprise there, Frey is the editorial director of the Toronto Standard, a new online publication set to launch tonight at 8 p.m.

In its first incarnation (1848-1850), The Toronto Standard newspaper covered the once-upon-a-time wee Toronto trading village of 23,000. Now resurrected in name, and set to cover the cosmopolitan city Toronto is today, the new Standard will have little in common with its mega-conservative, pro-monarchy predecessor.

Here’s how the Standard describes itself:

Toronto Standard is a daily, digital briefing on the life of the city, covering urban affairs, business, technology, culture and design — and all the sparks that happen in between.”

So what will that look like?

“The Standard will primarily be a website,” Frey told Masthead. “It will also be tablet-ready, smartphone-ready, and tailored dynamically to a wide selection of platforms.”

Frey also met with Matt Galloway on Metro Morning earlier today to talk about what will make the Toronto Standard different (among other things). Here’s what Frey said:

“There is a trend now generally in journalism toward the hyperlocal … But our attitude in how we’re going to distinguish ourselves and maybe what’s missing from the coverage of the city is that global context. So instead of doing that hyperlocal we’re going the opposite direction … Where does Toronto fit into the world?”

You can check out the Toronto Standard when it launches tonight at: