A tip of the hat

This week’s Big Issue gives a
tip of the hat to outgoing J-Source editor-in-chief Ivor Shapiro, who handed
over the EIC reins to Janice
on Dec. 10.
“I won’t pretend to be
slipping away from the EIC’s chair without feeling a bit bereft of the child
that was born and raised under my care,” Ivor admits in this recent Ideas post.

On April 16, 2007 the Canadian
Journalism Foundation officially
J-Source. But long before the launch, Ivor had to conceptualize
the project, round up editors and technicians, and keep everyone excited and on

Combing the site
archives, it seems the first article (after the thought-provoking ‘Sample
Article’ by ‘Site Administrator’) was an August 2006 update on Juliet O’Neil’s
court case
. Four days after going public, the April
20, 2007 home page
  captured on
archive.org’s Way Back Machine
– carried stories on climate change, the Virginia  Tech shootings and Maher Arar.

Today J-Source is followed by news hounds across the land in English and
French, on the Web, Twitter and Facebook. At the helm, Ivor could always be
counted on to ask the right questions, like ‘Where’s that pesky
free-speech line?
’ and ‘How’d we do this

Ivor will continue to be
part of J-Source’s future. He’s taken over the Ethics Page
where, c
ontrary to the old saw, journalism
ethics has never been an oxymoron. He also maintains a well-stocked Researching Journalism
page. Thanks, Ivor, and welcome, Janice!

PS. David Kelly, contact J-Source to collect your prize
for filling in the censored blanks:

“We met this morning with Gumby for a session of Twister.”