Taking back our journalism

On a frigid January night in Saskatchewan, the CBC’s Anna Maria Tremonti announced to a packed lecture hall that enough is enough. “It’s time to take our journalism back,” said Tremonti, delivering the 31st annual Minifie Lecture, hosted by the University of Regina School of Journalism.

Government secrecy is on her hit list, along with the practice of chasing stories without questioning their legitimacy. The fiery speech amounted to a call to arms for the young journalists in the crowd, who she implored to challenge the desk and demand worthwhile assignments. “There’s no better time to be a journalist,” she promised, leaving the ‘can’t-get-worse’ unspoken. For the rough notes, check out the live blog by popular Saskatchewan political blogger Saskboy. For the official transcript, watch this space.   

Tremonti’s talk covered a tremendous amount of ground. Explore these related topics on J-Source.        

(cbc.ca photo)